Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trial Transfer

Yesterday was our trial transfer and it went great!

L and I met up at the RE's office for the appointment and got some chat time, which I always love, while were waiting.

Then the Dr. came in and did some trial transfers...Yes. Not one. Not even two, but 3 trial transfers. And he was rough. It was more than slightly uncomfortable and definitely more painful than my past transfers or trial transfers have been. I think they thought ahead on that, though, because before the transfer they had me take some ibuprofen. It worked alright til it wore off. Last night I was ready for some more. I've also been spotty since then. Ick.

The nurses said we could transfer either the 25th or the 27th, depending on the embryos. If we transfer on the 25th, they will be 3-day embryos, 5-day on the 27th. I don't know which to hope for, honestly. I've only ever transferred 5 or 6 day embryos and I'm not sure the qualifications of transferring a 3-dayer. I guess my only experience with 3-dayers is hearsay, and usually it's because they were afraid the emby wouldn't make it to day 5 if they didn't transfer it then, I think. So I'm torn. Do I hope for the 3 or 5 day transfer?

After the appointment, L and I went to lunch! Yummm! We went to Mi Cocina. I told her my funny story about having Mexican food before my screening appointment back in 2011 in El Paso. We had a laugh about it. No Mexican food before doctor appointments! While we were at lunch, she gave me a really sweet gift, I really love it!

(A collectible measuring spoon set that has really cute/sweet sayings on each spoon, and an angel in the hollow of the spoon - because I like to bake, Godiva chocolate - mmmmm, and a wine glass that says "wine is cheaper than therapy" which relates to my family and the multitude of therapies we visit each week for the boys, and my love of wine and wine glasses)

I love the bag, too. She's got me pegged! Thank you, L!!

We did take a selfie pic, but I really look like a giant next to her... I'll post it, but y'all need to know I'm NOT this huge! haha She's standing tucked under my arm or something, and hiding next to me, and I'm standing closer to the camera than she is! (pfft)

Thanks for reading! Next appointment is a monitoring appointment on the 18th! Til then, have a great week!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Christmas morning for a surrogate....

And we're off!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh sheep! Really?

My title is a little different today. But maybe you'll understand when you read my post.

OK So alllllll this time without a blog, we have been waiting on me. On the witch. Aunt Flo. Alright, this is a blog that talks about everything that comes with childbirth. We're adults here. My period. There.

This has been a long wait. Seriously. Forever. There were days when I worried DH and I had screwed up some how. There were days when I thought I was definitely going to start soon. I had every symptom of PMS imaginable. Oily, pimply skin? Check. Need for chocolate? Check. Headaches? Check. Soreness? Check. Bloat? Check. Moodiness? Oh yeah, check that one off. Well she didn't come on her own. A couple weeks ago I called the clinic to find out what they wanted to do, and they put me on progesterone to get things going. I took it for 10 days, and then I was supposed to start within 10 days. Well, you know... Aunt Flo doesn't like due dates. She made us wait longer, of course. The entire time, I've been PMSing.

On Monday, I spotted a teeny bit. Thought for SURE she'll be here Tuesday! By Wednesday morning I had grown tired of analyzing my every PMS symptom and wondering if I were pregnant or waiting on period still. I purchased a pregnancy test. Knowing pretty full well I wasn't, based on everything. But still, they say you take a test, your period starts. No sooner had I purchased it and was walking out of the store that I got a text from L asking if it's possible I could be pregnant. I told her it wasn't likely but that I did buy a test to make sure. I took it as soon as I got home. Thankfully, stark white negative. So we had nothing left to do but wait.

Wednesday afternoon, spotting was a little more than on Monday. YES! She is DEFINITELY on her way.

Thursday- I woke up singing the Hallelujah chorus. She had arrived. I called and scheduled my appointment as soon as they opened.

Today, Friday... I went to the appointment and had my baseline sonogram. Where the doctor pronounced my uterus beautiful, and could he have it's number to give other couples ... for next time? Not kidding. He asked me how many times I wanted to do surrogacy, and I said my usual, 'Til my uterus falls out!' answer. And then he asked if he could give my information to other couples once I was ready to start again.

Then I had a meeting with the nurse. She showed me a page with a list of days in October. With notations next to several of them. Halfway down the page, the notations stopped. So I asked, what happens here? (pointing to where the notes stop). She said that that day when the notes stopped, I'd have blood tests and an u/s to see if I was ready, and then I'd start progesterone and transfer in a few days (depending on the embryos at that point). Note--- ALL these dates were still in October. The 31st was at the bottom of the page.

She's talking... and it hits me, She's saying we're transferring on October 25!?!?

And now this was when I actually almost said something else... but corrected to "Holy Sheep!" before anything bad came out.

Here I was thinking I was holding us up from a November transfer, we'd likely be somewhere in December before we transfer, etc. And they're telling me now, on Oct. 4, that we could be transferring in 21 days? (Provided the meds and monitoring go well.)

So yeah. Meds arrive tomorrow. It's a non-injection protocol.

I think L was pretty shocked to learn the date, too! So now starts all the excitement!

On to insurance stuff pretty quickly now. Pray, send awesome thoughts, wish us luck, what have you. It's ON!

I might try and post a pic of the meds tomorrow when they arrive. The Fed Ex guy will think he's Santa for how excited I may be.