Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome to Just The Vessel (a surrogate's journey)

Today might be the first day I'm posting an actual blog about it, but I've been waiting for this for years. Even when I was miserably sick with my first pregnancy, I loved being pregnant. The all-the-time-sickness was nothing compared to the overwhelming joy I felt by creating life, and feeling it move inside me.

The birth of a dream...
While I was pregnant with my first child, my best friend was dealing with pain and never ending bleeding. She went to the doctor for her pain and nobody could help her, since she didn't have insurance. They wouldn't do anything but help her manage her pain. A few doctors had mentioned Endomitriosis and PID, but none would commit to these diagnoses. So we forged on in our own research and we talked about the possibility that she may never get to have children. It was then that I decided... when the day came that she was ready for a child, if she could not carry, I wanted to help her.

From then to now...
During my pregnancy with my first, I was so sick all the time. I had hyper emesis gravida and landed in the hospital a couple of times because of it. When I was seven months pregnant I had had enough of being sick. I went to the ladies at my women's bible study and asked them to lay hands on me and pray for my pregnancy and all-the-time-sickness. I didn't get sick again after that day.

I was pregnant again by late summer of 2005.  My pregnancy with my second child was a breeze. I never got sick, not even once! It was even more of a joy to be pregnant the second time than it was the first. Both labors were incredibly peaceful and wonderful. I did not use an epidural even though I was induced both times. After both births I came out saying I could do it again and again.

My children are now six and four, and unless God decides otherwise, our family is complete with just the four of us. I knew this, I think, the day my "baby" turned three. We'd talked about the possibility of more, and my husband would enjoy having a girl for sure, but we know our limits and we're there. That said, I know my body isn't done yet. I have a lot of "life" left in me, and would revel in being pregnant again... but I couldn't bring another baby into our family. This time I want to help someone else bring a baby home!

It's time...
My best friend is finally as ready as she can be to have a child, but her and her husband have decided to give God and the all natural way a chance for a while first. Someday, if they want my help and have the means for it, then I will help them. Until then, nothing is stopping me from helping another couple. Late in 2009, my husband and I began praying about doing a surrogacy for a couple we didn't know yet. I began researching and joined a few groups in order to find out the ins and outs, and by January, I was searching for a couple to help.

The right couple...
There were a few couples I was interested in helping, but for some reason or other they just never panned out. Since then we have been searching for the right couple. We hope to find them soon!

Thanks for reading! I look forward to sharing this journey with you!