Friday, November 30, 2012

Glucose Test Update

I got the call yesterday afternoon to let me know that I had passed the glucose test, so all is fine and dandy there. However, the blood test revealed that I'm anemic. (Maybe that's why I'm so tired all the time!) So now I get to start taking a slow release iron supplement.

Anyway, that's the update! Will hopefully come back and post a belly pic tomorrow :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's going so fast!

Hey everyone :) I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! We spent ours with friends and had a great time.

Time has simply flown by lately, I cannot believe that on Saturday we will be 28 weeks pregnant. Officially in the third trimester as of last week. It's hard to believe but Miss Gummy Bear will be here in just 12-13 weeks!

With time flying came life flying at the same pace this month. Remember that in October we were forced out of our rental home into an apartment with very short notice? Well, November came, and with November was more drama. My husband was laid off on November 7th, from a really great job. Over 200 people were laid off with him. Talk about stressful. We have some severance and insurance through January, so I've tried hard not to stress myself. DH already found a temporary job to hold us til he finds a new permanent position and get us through Christmas, so that is very helpful. In January we will sign up for COBRA to finish out the pregnancy with. I will be very thankful for the agency when that time comes, because I have no idea what I'm doing!

Over the weekend, my husband and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary. I was feeling a little frumpy, so I decided to use more of my maternity clothes budget that I had saved back for warmer clothes. My friend and I went to Macy's during an awesome sale, and I got a bunch of stuff that I'm happy to wear. It was a very pleasant shopping trip. I also got my hair cut. Then hubby and I went on a wonderful date. All in all, it was a great weekend. Here are a few pics for you <3

Me and hubby on our date night...

One of the new outfits, a really comfy dress and leggings...

Another new sweater dress, this one is going to count as my belly pic since it shows off the belly the most:

Yesterday was my 27 week appointment and glucose test. Yuck! Thankfully the test was only the hour test and not a fasting test either. I am anxiously awaiting the results though, because despite all my efforts to cut back on sweets over the past week or two, I couldn't hold off on Monday. I had a terrible headache and knew instinctively that chocolate and a little dr. pepper would help, it did. But I'm kind of worried that it will make me bomb the test. I'll update here when we get the results.

Anyway, the rest of the appointment went well. It was one of those awesome appointments when you get to bare it all. I had an internal cervix check, where it was confirmed that all the movement I've been feeling the past month was doing what it was supposed to do. Miss Gummy Bear got herself into a head down position finally. Which after so long of her being straight up, is relieving. It's hilarious to see her little bum sticking out up by my ribs, though. My cervix is also high and closed, which is wonderful.

As for me, my weight gain is going great, according to the doctor. I, personally, don't like seeing the scale go up 5lbs in a month, but she said it was on par with a good weight gain track. So the 5lbs gain puts me at a total gain of 13lbs. Remembering that I lost 14lbs to start with, I'm actually still down a pound from the beginning. She'd like to see me only gain 25lbs total, so hopefully I can stay on this track and only gain a pound per week from here on out. Not sure how that will work with Christmas and New Years, but I can give it a good try!

That's all for now, folks! Thanks for reading! Next appointment is December 20th in the morning. After that I start seeing the dr. every 2 weeks!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy 24 Weeks!

Hello again! So much has gone on in my life since the last update, so I'll catch you up real quick.

After Katie and family went home, we were told we had to move out of our house so the landlord could completely renovate and repair it entirely. So we had 10 days to move out. I am still kind of amazed we did it, honestly. DH had just started working nights before the last update, so I pretty much was on my own for most of the packing and move out duties. In the end we hired movers to help get everything to the apartment we moved to. Half our stuff is in a storage garage here at the complex. We are hoping to be able to return to the house in 6 months.

While Katie was visiting she brought us these awesome Belly Bud things that help me be able to share their voices with the baby. This is what my belly looked like the first time I used them :)

Shortly after we moved in, I took a belly pic, at 22 weeks 4 days.

Now back to my current update!

Saturday we officially hit 24 weeks!

To celebrate hitting 24 weeks, I took a belly picture.

To celebrate 24 weeks in Montana, Katie and Jack built Gummy Bear's crib :)

Today I went to my 24 week appointment. It went really well! Baby Girl is sitting upright and has been for at least the last 5-6 weeks. She likes tap dancing on my cervix. Her heart rate was about 148 this morning, which is good because she was resting (not moving around at all while I was waiting for the appointment) before the Doppler shocked her awake. She did not like the cold gel or the Doppler invading her space and made sure to move around a LOT while we were trying to get her heartbeat.

As for me, I've gained 8lbs total so far, only 2 since the last appointment... that was kind of shocking since I thought for sure I was gaining more than that, with Halloween and all. Next appointment I hope to share the same type of good news, but being that thanksgiving is the week before the appointment, I'm not holding my breath! I crave sweets!

Next appointment is Nov. 27th for a one-hour glucose test. YAY I'm so happy it's not a 3 hour NOR is it a fasting test! I can eat right up til the appointment but nothing during that hour. I just remember almost passing out during the 3hr fasting tests when I was pregnant with my boys, so I'm SO thankful!! After the Nov 27th appt I will start seeing her every 2 weeks. Shocking that it's coming up so fast!!

That's all for today! So happy everything is going well! Thanks for reading along and following our journey!

Real quick I just want to give a quick shout out to Jack, who is celebrating his third birthday this week! Happy Birthday kiddo!! We hope you have an awesome birthday and get to eat lots of cake ;)