Friday, April 27, 2012


Well, we did it! Transfer was yesterday.

My friend Brooke drove me there and got to learn a little more than she expected, as they let her come back with us as we did the transfer.

Hi Brooke!

We had a little fun with the camera phones before heading back...

The doctor came in to have a chat before going back. We were originally planning on transferring just one. But Dr. K felt more comfortable going with two because he didn't know yet what the quality of the remaining embryos would be, or if any would even make it to freezing, and he wanted to give Katie the best possible chances this time. I totally, 100% agreed with him. So we called Katie and her husband and had a little chat. I think she was more worried about me, bless her very sweet heart, but I was worried about her. I knew she had come to the decision to transfer one with a very responsible and clear mind and I didn't want the doctor to pressure her into saying yes. But we talked, they talked, and we did it. Dr. K took a picture of me with the tots before we went back. He likes to take a picture of all his patients before transfer, with a clock in the background.

Up close, here are the tots...

The one at the top left is the "Rockstar" and the one on the bottom right was the "up and coming" kiddo.

Then we headed back and got ready to go. When the doctor came in, he went straight to the CD player and put on some great dance music. Haha he was cracking me up the entire time. Then we got to see it all happen on the screen, and I'm sure Brooke was very enlightened (soooo TMI!!!) but she took it like a champ. She didn't have to go back with me, but I'm glad she did. I bet she had more fun in with us than she would have reading magazines in the waiting room ;)

And with that, we were finished. I laid on an incline for 30 minutes and we were free to go. So now I've been a couch potato since I got home. I have wonderful friends who have been taking care of me and bringing food for me and my family, and Shane has been pampering me, too. A couple more days of this and a girl could get spoiled! ;)

I am not sure yet when I want to do an HPT. My birthday is on Wednesday, so I'm undecided if I want to know before then or that day.  Either way, whenever I test or if I wait til beta (Friday May 4), Katie will be the first to know if it's positive.

Thanks for reading. Please keep us in your thoughts, prayers, send sticky vibes and belly rubs, cross fingers and toes... whatever floats your boat and sends good things our way would be wonderful. Til I have more to update... have a great weekend!

PS, the update as of tonight was that we have two totsicles that made it to good quality to freeze! Yay!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fertilized and getting ready!

Hello again! A pretty neat update for you tonight!

This week has been wonderful! Aside from having to wait a little longer for retrieval, Katie and her mom and little one seem to have had a great week. 

Katie triggered her HCG shot on Thursday night for a retrieval yesterday morning. Unfortunately, she was not able to come to the SS Luncheon yesterday, but that's okay. She was a little bit busy. They retrieved 53 eggs. Not all of them were mature yet though, so today they let us know that out of the 53 eggs, 18 fertilized. Now we are praying that those 18 can make it to Thursday so we have a great one to transfer, and some to freeze. 

So there you have it, we are hoping for a Thursday transfer! However, they also could choose to transfer them on day 3 as well, depends on how they are doing. I started my progesterone injections on Friday night, too.

Today Katie, her mom, and son joined my family at church. I was so excited to have them there with me! I guess to understand how excited I am, you have to know a few things. One- my church family has been behind me 100% in my journeys, and have always lifted us up in prayer as we go through each step. Two- when I was getting to know the first couple I worked with, I always hoped they would join us at church one day. They didn't, as that IM did not believe, but I kept that idea in my mind through each journey. IM2 didn't ever come to Dallas so it wasn't an option then. So I was thrilled to have that come through this time, and also give my church family who is praying for us a face to a name... and maybe a little so they would know she wasn't crazy and neither am I. The service went really well... though it was the biggest church Katie/her mom had ever been to. I said, "Well, they say everything's bigger in Texas!"

After church we came back to the house to wait til the restaurant opened for lunch and they gave my boys some presents to open, and me one, too. The boys were overjoyed at getting the biggest water-guns ever! She also did some research and got the boys a game that was said to be excellent for children with Autism, called Qwirkle. I was speechless that she would put so much thought into it!

I was going to wait til transfer day to open mine, but Brian pretty much insisted that I opened it, and helped me. I got an AWESOME t-shirt for when I'm pregnant:

And a couple really soft, lavender scented items to help me relax later this week. I love the rice pillow, too!

So we headed to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack where all the boys played their hearts out and then got to try their hands at cracking open crab legs. Micah very much enjoyed his, while Brian had a few bites, but enjoyed the potatoes and corn on the cob a little more.

We had such a great time! Shane even took pictures of Katie and I. First, we had to check if there was anything in our teeth (we ate corn)... 

We didn't realize he took the picture of that part... then we were really ready for pictures...

Had to get one of her mom in there, too. My boys just loved her (ok, well we all did) and latched on! She's the sweetest grandma ever and does so wonderful with kids! I think she did pretty great as a mom, too ;)

After lunch we had to run back to the house and switch cars, and her little boy wasn't ready to leave yet! I am so glad he enjoyed playing with my boys and being in the church preschool room! Then Micah and I drove them back out to Fort Worth, where we had a few hugs before parting. I'm super sad they have to leave Tuesday morning, but excited that Thursday is transfer day! 

I will definitely update while I'm on bed rest after transfer! Please keep the embryos and us in your prayers this week!! We need them to grow, grow, grow, and then STICK, STICK, STICK!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hello again! I'm sorry for the lack of update lately! I'm kind of unsure on what to write for this update, so it has taken me a couple days to get to it. I'll start with Katie arriving in Texas!

Katie arrived on Sunday! I wished I could have been there to pick her up from the airport, but they decided to take the shuttle to the airport instead, which was probably for the best after a long day of travel. We met up on Monday morning at the clinic. As I pulled up to the clinic, I saw Katie's mom and son outside, so I decided to surprise them with their gifts early, though I had planned on giving them to them at lunch. I was greeted very sweetly by Katie's mom and her little boy was just super cute! My boys and I chose some things for him at Toys R Us and a Texas souvenir shop the day before that we were excited for him to see. One of the items was a cowboy hat, then a t-shirt, and the rest were Thomas the Tank Engine travel type toys. It was hard remembering what a 2 year old would enjoy! I also brought Katie and her mom a small bouquet of cake pops, which I've heard were delicious!

The appointment was not so fun. First, they were running really late because there were so many people there. Then, Katie got news that her eggs weren't as far grown as the doctor had hoped. So unfortunately, retrieval was going to be pushed off til at least Friday or Saturday. We were disappointed at the delay, but it was only 2 days. She's been going back each day for monitoring and today was told it might be Sunday but that there are a lot of eggs growing. That's a good sign, but again another delay. So for now, my update is that transfer could be Friday of next week.

I am excited though, if retrieval is Sunday, that means she'll be able to come to Simple Surrogacy's luncheon on Saturday. That makes me happy!

Tomorrow is my youngest son's 6th birthday and Katie and her mom and son joined us at his birthday party last night. It was a really fun party and I'm so excited they came! They were incredibly helpful and sweet with the boys and the other moms and kids that came. My friends were also excited to meet them.

So far, Katie and family seem to be enjoying Texas. They rode the train up here and back yesterday and today they went to the zoo! Lucky! I wish we could get together a little more while they are here, but being an hour away is a downside. Hopefully we'll get to hang out a little more besides Saturday.

That's all for my update tonight! Hopefully we'll have a great update soon! Please be praying that the eggs grow and do well so that we have good eggs to work with! (and for us for patience!)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Just a quick shout out and congratulations to Katie's family! They found out this week that, through IVF, Katie's brother and sister-in-law are expecting around Christmas time! Congratulations! We hope to join you in the Expecting Club very soon!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Welcome, April!

Hello again! Time for an update, right?!

I can't believe it's April already. Tomorrow starts the 3 week count down to our tentative transfer date! Retrieval  (hopefully!) is in just 17 days!!!

I have been on Lupron since my last update, and although I've seen an increase in appetite, it's hard to tell whether or not my headaches are Lupron induced or because of a sinus infection.

Last week I kept very busy! Sunday we visited Six Flags as a family with some friends and had a blast, but it started my allergies flaring. Through the week I was busy working, and when I was not working I kept busy cleaning my master closet out and then helping a friend clean on Friday night. So I really did a number on my sinuses. Thankfully, I will have an antibiotic on top of it tomorrow to kick it in the rear before anything transfer related happens.

Today was my baseline ultrasound and blood test. I've been on AF since Thursday night. Typically, AF would be over by now but I guess the Lupron is making it a little less typical, because it's not over- and my baseline ultrasound showed that my lining is still hanging around at 7.7mm thick. We want it way thinner, but it's not bad. The sonographer said I'll probably bleed for a couple more days and it will get where we want it, so it's not a problem right now.

I started oral estrace today, I am currently taking 1 pill in the morning when I take my Lupron. Later this week I'll start taking it in the morning and in the evening, and then the following week I'll start taking it 3x a day. I can see myself becoming a blubbering mess with all this estrogen going on!

Last week, after I helped my friend clean on Friday night, I came home to a very special gift on my front porch! On the top, it said something like "I hope a little sugar helps make the yucky medicine go down easier!" The box was full of  yummy goodies from Harry & David and was from Katie!

We are taking our time with some of it, but other parts of it were devoured over the weekend. SO yummy! I wish I could reciprocate with just as nice a gift, but I had already been planning on sending something else, so I sent that off today and it should get to Katie by Thursday.

This week I will be, again, busy with work and with the kids, but hope to have a relaxing Easter Sunday with the boys and Shane. I hope you have a great Holy week as well, and an Easter spent with those you love.

I will update as I'm able! See you soon!