Monday, April 2, 2012

Welcome, April!

Hello again! Time for an update, right?!

I can't believe it's April already. Tomorrow starts the 3 week count down to our tentative transfer date! Retrieval  (hopefully!) is in just 17 days!!!

I have been on Lupron since my last update, and although I've seen an increase in appetite, it's hard to tell whether or not my headaches are Lupron induced or because of a sinus infection.

Last week I kept very busy! Sunday we visited Six Flags as a family with some friends and had a blast, but it started my allergies flaring. Through the week I was busy working, and when I was not working I kept busy cleaning my master closet out and then helping a friend clean on Friday night. So I really did a number on my sinuses. Thankfully, I will have an antibiotic on top of it tomorrow to kick it in the rear before anything transfer related happens.

Today was my baseline ultrasound and blood test. I've been on AF since Thursday night. Typically, AF would be over by now but I guess the Lupron is making it a little less typical, because it's not over- and my baseline ultrasound showed that my lining is still hanging around at 7.7mm thick. We want it way thinner, but it's not bad. The sonographer said I'll probably bleed for a couple more days and it will get where we want it, so it's not a problem right now.

I started oral estrace today, I am currently taking 1 pill in the morning when I take my Lupron. Later this week I'll start taking it in the morning and in the evening, and then the following week I'll start taking it 3x a day. I can see myself becoming a blubbering mess with all this estrogen going on!

Last week, after I helped my friend clean on Friday night, I came home to a very special gift on my front porch! On the top, it said something like "I hope a little sugar helps make the yucky medicine go down easier!" The box was full of  yummy goodies from Harry & David and was from Katie!

We are taking our time with some of it, but other parts of it were devoured over the weekend. SO yummy! I wish I could reciprocate with just as nice a gift, but I had already been planning on sending something else, so I sent that off today and it should get to Katie by Thursday.

This week I will be, again, busy with work and with the kids, but hope to have a relaxing Easter Sunday with the boys and Shane. I hope you have a great Holy week as well, and an Easter spent with those you love.

I will update as I'm able! See you soon!

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