Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fertilized and getting ready!

Hello again! A pretty neat update for you tonight!

This week has been wonderful! Aside from having to wait a little longer for retrieval, Katie and her mom and little one seem to have had a great week. 

Katie triggered her HCG shot on Thursday night for a retrieval yesterday morning. Unfortunately, she was not able to come to the SS Luncheon yesterday, but that's okay. She was a little bit busy. They retrieved 53 eggs. Not all of them were mature yet though, so today they let us know that out of the 53 eggs, 18 fertilized. Now we are praying that those 18 can make it to Thursday so we have a great one to transfer, and some to freeze. 

So there you have it, we are hoping for a Thursday transfer! However, they also could choose to transfer them on day 3 as well, depends on how they are doing. I started my progesterone injections on Friday night, too.

Today Katie, her mom, and son joined my family at church. I was so excited to have them there with me! I guess to understand how excited I am, you have to know a few things. One- my church family has been behind me 100% in my journeys, and have always lifted us up in prayer as we go through each step. Two- when I was getting to know the first couple I worked with, I always hoped they would join us at church one day. They didn't, as that IM did not believe, but I kept that idea in my mind through each journey. IM2 didn't ever come to Dallas so it wasn't an option then. So I was thrilled to have that come through this time, and also give my church family who is praying for us a face to a name... and maybe a little so they would know she wasn't crazy and neither am I. The service went really well... though it was the biggest church Katie/her mom had ever been to. I said, "Well, they say everything's bigger in Texas!"

After church we came back to the house to wait til the restaurant opened for lunch and they gave my boys some presents to open, and me one, too. The boys were overjoyed at getting the biggest water-guns ever! She also did some research and got the boys a game that was said to be excellent for children with Autism, called Qwirkle. I was speechless that she would put so much thought into it!

I was going to wait til transfer day to open mine, but Brian pretty much insisted that I opened it, and helped me. I got an AWESOME t-shirt for when I'm pregnant:

And a couple really soft, lavender scented items to help me relax later this week. I love the rice pillow, too!

So we headed to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack where all the boys played their hearts out and then got to try their hands at cracking open crab legs. Micah very much enjoyed his, while Brian had a few bites, but enjoyed the potatoes and corn on the cob a little more.

We had such a great time! Shane even took pictures of Katie and I. First, we had to check if there was anything in our teeth (we ate corn)... 

We didn't realize he took the picture of that part... then we were really ready for pictures...

Had to get one of her mom in there, too. My boys just loved her (ok, well we all did) and latched on! She's the sweetest grandma ever and does so wonderful with kids! I think she did pretty great as a mom, too ;)

After lunch we had to run back to the house and switch cars, and her little boy wasn't ready to leave yet! I am so glad he enjoyed playing with my boys and being in the church preschool room! Then Micah and I drove them back out to Fort Worth, where we had a few hugs before parting. I'm super sad they have to leave Tuesday morning, but excited that Thursday is transfer day! 

I will definitely update while I'm on bed rest after transfer! Please keep the embryos and us in your prayers this week!! We need them to grow, grow, grow, and then STICK, STICK, STICK!

Have a great week!

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