Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hello again! I'm sorry for the lack of update lately! I'm kind of unsure on what to write for this update, so it has taken me a couple days to get to it. I'll start with Katie arriving in Texas!

Katie arrived on Sunday! I wished I could have been there to pick her up from the airport, but they decided to take the shuttle to the airport instead, which was probably for the best after a long day of travel. We met up on Monday morning at the clinic. As I pulled up to the clinic, I saw Katie's mom and son outside, so I decided to surprise them with their gifts early, though I had planned on giving them to them at lunch. I was greeted very sweetly by Katie's mom and her little boy was just super cute! My boys and I chose some things for him at Toys R Us and a Texas souvenir shop the day before that we were excited for him to see. One of the items was a cowboy hat, then a t-shirt, and the rest were Thomas the Tank Engine travel type toys. It was hard remembering what a 2 year old would enjoy! I also brought Katie and her mom a small bouquet of cake pops, which I've heard were delicious!

The appointment was not so fun. First, they were running really late because there were so many people there. Then, Katie got news that her eggs weren't as far grown as the doctor had hoped. So unfortunately, retrieval was going to be pushed off til at least Friday or Saturday. We were disappointed at the delay, but it was only 2 days. She's been going back each day for monitoring and today was told it might be Sunday but that there are a lot of eggs growing. That's a good sign, but again another delay. So for now, my update is that transfer could be Friday of next week.

I am excited though, if retrieval is Sunday, that means she'll be able to come to Simple Surrogacy's luncheon on Saturday. That makes me happy!

Tomorrow is my youngest son's 6th birthday and Katie and her mom and son joined us at his birthday party last night. It was a really fun party and I'm so excited they came! They were incredibly helpful and sweet with the boys and the other moms and kids that came. My friends were also excited to meet them.

So far, Katie and family seem to be enjoying Texas. They rode the train up here and back yesterday and today they went to the zoo! Lucky! I wish we could get together a little more while they are here, but being an hour away is a downside. Hopefully we'll get to hang out a little more besides Saturday.

That's all for my update tonight! Hopefully we'll have a great update soon! Please be praying that the eggs grow and do well so that we have good eggs to work with! (and for us for patience!)

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