Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yep, it's really happening!

This week has been an up and down kind of week in my world. Monday was a great day. Tuesday, not so much. Today was a great day again at least. Tuesday, although my day started sinking down hill about 7:30am, around 10:30am I got a knock on the door from the Fed Ex guy. Who knew he'd be a bright spot on a hard morning? Well, he was! Look what he brought!

That is a beautiful box of medications!!

Less than 9 hours til I take my first shot of Lupron!

(Being THIS happy about starting meds is something we (surrogates) have put on our list of "Things only a surro would say," Feel free to laugh, it's funny!)

This week Katie got her meds, too, but not without their own drama!! I'm happy she got hers too, as I think it probably makes it even more real to her, this is really happening! She also booked her tickets to come for her monitoring and egg retrieval the week before transfer and then, surprise to me! She's staying through the 24th, which if egg retrieval happens on the 19th means she might be here for transfer!! I'm so happy about that I could dance! Seriously!

Also, we were invited to a lunch with Simple Surrogacy appreciating Intended Parents and Surrogates on the 21st and I'm thrilled we'll (hopefully) get to go together while she's here! 

Tomorrow I will change the count down above to retrieval date, since it all depends on how that goes.

Thanks for reading! We're so excited if you can't tell by all the exclamation points!! Have a great night!


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