Friday, March 2, 2012

What a week!

This week has been crazy! Roller coaster crazy!

Monday and Tuesday it was all about getting the contracts nailed down. Wednesday evening I received the contract via e-mail. Thursday was a whirlwind I'd rather not re-hash! Suffice it to say, at the end of the very long, crazy, head spinning round and round day- the contract was on it's way to Katie's lawyer via overnight FedEx.

In the middle of all the head-spinning, AF decided to peek her little head in the door just to say hi. 3 days early. It wasn't much but it was there, and there was a little more of it today. I expect her full fledged visit tomorrow.

This morning the legal clearance for us to start with the clinic was sent over to them, and we both called them to stay on top of things. I knew yesterday, that even with all the running around I had done, this was probably going to happen. But I was still disappointed when they said our cycle needed to be pushed back. Not far, but still, the first week of April I had nothing going on, we were excited the due date was before Christmas... plus it was *that* much closer to now!

We are looking at transferring around April 23. Not too shabby, still in April. It does mean there probably won't be a baby under the tree for Katie and family, but hey January is a good month for a baby, too :) We were joking about there not being another little tax deduction for them this year, too.

So as of today that's really the only news- contracts are done and we have a date. They're supposed to e-mail me a calendar soon, but I'm going to guess that will probably come in a week or two. Katie should be getting soon or already gotten her calendar as well.

As much as I'm needlessly disappointed, really, about the date push-back, I am thrilled that we can just keep getting to know each other for that much longer and have some fun while we wait. I think I have one of the best IMs around and if I have to wait, she's a great person to have to wait with :)

Alright, I'm getting back to work. I have a cake-pop order this weekend to attend to this evening. Have a great weekend!

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