Friday, February 24, 2012


Sorry for leaving you hanging! I haven't really been around enough to do an update!

Wednesday I drove to Fort Worth for the mock transfer (they just practice where they would place an embryo in my uterus, sans embryo, for the mock) and hysteroscopy (kind of like a colonoscopy, but in the uterus). It went really great. The only rotten thing was that they couldn't even show me a calendar because our contracts aren't signed yet. I think so far, this is the one major difference between working independently and with an agency-- my time frame is not their time frame. The agency requires that the contracts be signed and in their hands before we even get to "discuss" dates- although we do know and they know we are wanting to work toward a first week of April transfer. So other than tell me about the meds I'll be taking and discussing bed rest afterward, there wasn't much for us to talk about.

When I got home I did have a little pain from the hysteroscopy that I don't remember having the other times I've had the hysteroscopy. It wasn't bad, just definitely there, if you know what I mean.

That afternoon we received a call from a psychologist saying we had to do a social interview, one hour with my husband and one hour with me, over the phone... Psych Eval. I was kind of taken aback because nobody contacted me to let me know this guy would be calling, as I had assumed they would use Wendy's eval from last year as well as the MMPI. Thankfully I don't have to re-take the MMPI this time at least. They both went alright. I think one always gets nervous during a psych eval for this stuff. I mean, the guy is deciding whether he thinks you can do this great thing based on asking you about traumatic life events and such in a one hour conversation, not to mention you have never spoken to the man before so he really has only this one hour to go by. So anyway, we were needlessly nervous, of course, and passed.

Now it's time to get these contracts on the move. Since Katie and I had already discussed what we wanted to see changed in the contract, this part should be fairly simple. It would have gone a little quicker if the lawyer hadn't made them sit on their hands for a week to talk to her, but oh well, that part's over and now we're hopefully almost there. Hopefully the lawyer will have everything ready and sent to my lawyer today some time.

I hope I will have an update soon that says contracts are signed and on their way to the hands of the agency and the clinic!

Today my hubby had two have two teeth removed in emergency oral surgery, so I'm off to take care of him.

Have a great weekend!

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