Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello, April!

Well... first things first. Isn't it JUST like my body to decide to change it up only when I'm expecting things to go a certain way on a certain day?? That's just what my body did today. I can usually pinpoint my AF down to the day in any given month. But plan a doctor's appointment that necessitates NOT being on AF, and there she comes 3 days early! That's what I woke up to, today!

I freaked out for a few minutes and then called the clinic to make sure I wasn't making a wasted drive. They assured me all was well and to come in as scheduled. Woot!

So I made the drive and then when I went back and they asked about AF I learned they could do part of my screening today but that I will have to go back on Feb 22 for a hysteroscopy, mock transfer, and "teaching." (I don't expect the teaching part to go long, probably more of a discussion about our calendar.) I had my bloodwork drawn up and had a sono to verify everything was good and voila, she said the P word I heard last time. I'm not going to get near as excited as I did last cycle-time, but it was nice to hear, I'll admit.

And WOW was this nurse good at drawing blood. It was altogether painless! Can I take her with me to ALL my blood draws?

From the ultrasound room we went to the office to chat and the first thing they asked was when we would like to transfer. Well I know when we hope for, but I was going to leave it up to Katie to decide, so I texted Katie. I think she may have been just a teeny bit excited enough not to know that I was asking her for a date that was good for her. I think her head was possibly spinning round and round. Eventually she said she'd talk to the clinic, IF, and SS and get back to me. Then a little while later I got an email letting me know that it looks like we'll be shooting for the first week of April!

I'm excited, and I know Katie is excited! I'm feeling very blessed that we can work together, and very hopeful. Can't wait to update again soon and let you know that we're starting contracts! That should be sometime this week. Til then, Have a great week!


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