Friday, February 3, 2012

Just for kicks...

I don't have much to update on but that I am still having a great time getting to know my new IM! Today I talked with Stephanie at Simple Surrogacy and got to go over some smaller details with her and make sure we were on the same track and everything was good. It was a very good conversation and I came away from it very pleased with my decision to work with them.

Anyway, so I wanted to share this picture with you! Last week when we met for dinner, we tried to take pictures inside, but my camera on my phone was the only one with a flash- and it was dead! So before we left we went outside (brrrr!) and plugged it in to my car and my husband took a really quick shot from just outside the driver's side door of us. We're cold so our teeth are chattering a bit haha....

Without further adieu, meet my new IM, Katie! (on the left side)

I think this is going to be an AWESOME journey! In the words of Miss Katie up there, "Let's make a baby!" *giggle*

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