Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flyin' Right Along

This week we have been on a mission to get things moving! After trying to figure out what happens next and what we need to do to make things happen, yesterday we set up an appointment at the clinic where I & J live for April 18th. I need to get a hysteroscopy and a mock transfer, and then we can start meds and prepare for a transfer in the first week of June.

Last night we got tickets set up for me to fly there and back the day of my appointment. I'm so excited!

Up this week: Finishing the contract, hopefully!

God, thank you again for bringing I & J into our lives so we can help them in this way. Keep our minds, focus, and hearts on you. I pray that you would keep us all healthy this week and direct our steps as we get ready to  take this journey together. It's all for you, Amen.


  1. How exciting!! Sounds like things are coming together for you all! Your timeline sounds fairly close to mine - my IPs have frozen embryos and we're finishing up testing mid-next week and then onto contracts (which are pretty much done) and cycling! Yay!

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