Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving forward...

A quick update, today. I got an email this week that I've been kind of sitting on and thinking about, and praying over.

J & J have decided to pursue their fertility issues a bit more and get some more testing done, and have decided to put surrogacy on hold for the moment. I am sad that we will not be moving forward, however, I do pray and hope the best for them, success, health, and happiness.

For me, this means I am searching again. This is the part of the process that seems to take forever. I do know the right couple is out there, and that there is a reason for everything. I don't know why things went this way with J & J but I have to keep the faith that God has the right couple waiting for me.

Father, thank you for the time I had getting to know J & J. Thank you for letting me be part of their lives even just for a little while, and for the part of my life that they got to be, too. I pray that they will find success in their path to parenthood, and/or peace for the road that lies ahead. For me, I pray that you would show me clearly the path I need to take in the coming months. May I seek first your Kingdom above all because it's all for you. In your Son's Precious Name, Jesus, Amen.

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