Monday, May 7, 2012

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...

By now, with no update and by the title of the blog, you are probably assuming correctly. Unfortunately, our cycle was negative this time. It's taken a little while for us to process it, but it's slowly getting easier to process as the days go and as we look forward to trying again.

Transfer went great, as posted afterward. My time on bed rest was spent with an awful cold and cough. I had great 'nurses' though and my family took great care of me. A few friends also brought meals to help out which I was very grateful for.

Wednesday was my birthday and I had been hoping for a positive test that morning, so it was a hard start to the day but once again, my family stepped up and made sure I still had a good day. I also got a wonderful e-mail from Katie with a super awesome gift card to a spa near by. I intend to use that gift card shortly before our next transfer.

Friday was our beta, and although I hadn't seen any positives yet, I was still very hopeful since it was an early beta. At the time of beta, I was just about 8 days past transfer. I have seen girls get positives that late, so I was trying to keep the hope alive. Especially since I was feeling a little "off" on Friday. Nevertheless, it was not what we wanted to hear that afternoon.

Both of us took the weekend to try and recover. I wish the weekend had gone better for Katie, but she is forever in my prayers, and so is our next cycle for sure.

Today I got a call from the clinic reminding me to call them when I get AF. We're working on getting into the next cycle group, which transfers the first week in June. I have to get AF sometime before Thursday to make it. So after the phone call I let my cycle group know we're waiting on AF and they said they'd send her to me. ... well I think it worked because tonight I started spotting :) Should be full on tomorrow!

Anyway, so that's the update for tonight. Kind of bittersweet. Sad about what was, but looking forward to the hope of another try.

I hope you are having a good week. I appreciate you reading and keeping up with us.

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