Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stats and other stuff...

After a marvelous weekend with my family, I was headed back to the lab for blood work on Monday. Unfortunately we did not get stat results this time and had to wait til yesterday for those. When they called, I was more than pleasantly surprised at the beta number they gave back to me!

So here are the numbers thus far:
Beta 1- 7.75 days past transfer : 132
Beta 2- 10.75 days past transfer : 549  -- Doubling time of 35.01 Hours
Beta 3- 17.75 days past transfer: 6802! -- Doubling time of 46.27 Hours

Here are some questions I've been asked, so I thought I'd answer here...

What do these numbers mean?
A beta blood test is a test that tests how much HCG is in your system. The hope is that they double every 48-72 hours. Which means, we're doing great!

Am I feeling pregnant?
Why yes, yes I am. Which is kind of weird, I guess. In a typical pregnancy I would still barely just have found out I was pregnant. The difference is that the meds we take for surrogacy make the symptoms all that more obvious, not to mention we're looking for them. Things I've dealt with thus far include butter-fingers (I dropped a jar of hot oil all over my kitchen floor), inability to decide what I want to eat, waves of nausea and heartburn (before this I hadn't taken a Tums in quite a long time), needing a nap almost every afternoon, and a very weird craving for Lifesavers (I'm not a fan of hard candies at all). There are also a few things I'm dealing with that are related to the meds and not so much pregnancy- bloating being one, and the other I don't see fit to write about on this blog. Needless to say, it's all there and we're definitely on the right track!

When is the ultrasound?
I'm so glad you asked! I'm so excited! The ultrasound is next Tuesday (7/3) at 11am. Unfortunately it's too costly for Katie to fly down to join us at this ultrasound, so I will be recording it on video and hopefully talking to her on the phone while we look around. Since we put in two embryos, I'm anxious to see whether one or both stuck around!

Thanks for reading and supporting us along the way! I can't wait to update you after the ultrasound!

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  1. yay! can't wait to hear how the ultrasound goes!