Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Houston, we have a heartbeat!

Today was our first ultrasound! 

I called Katie and she conferenced Kevin in so we could all "be there" together. It was a great appointment! We saw (they heard) one healthy heartbeat at 117bpm and a baby that measured 6wks 3days exactly! 

Immediately when they started, I saw two sacs. Unfortunately one did not have a fetal pole. So we learned right away that there were two originally, but its likely that one stopped developing at some point. It was a much smaller sac, so it was probably something abnormal that stopped the growth.

It's all good though, we have one healthy peanut who's growing just fine!!

Congrats, Katie and Kevin!

I tried to video the ultrasound but what I was using ended up turning against me and only getting the last 8 seconds of the ultrasound which was me putting it down into my paper covered lap. :/ Sorry, no video this time!!

Next ultrasound is on July 17th!!

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  1. congrats to you and your ip's beth! one healthy baby is a beautiful sight!