Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Week Appt With OB

Hello again!

Yesterday was my first appointment at the OB. It went really well! I was able to ask all the questions I had about working with her, the hospital, and a few pregnancy related things. I am glad I have an OB who I can talk to and not be blown off! While we were there, she did a quick sonogram to verify all the dates so, once again, I recorded it. Unfortunately there is no cell service inside the building, as it's right in the same building as a hospital, so I wasn't able to call them while we did the sonogram.

Baby looks great! We're measuring 10wk4d, which is a little ahead of schedule and great. Gummy Bear's heart rate was 171 beats per minute, also fantastic.

After the appointment, I took a picture of the OB to send to Katie to "get to know" her, and the Dr. called her to introduce herself and ask if there were any questions. I was really glad she was able to do that. I'm her first patient who is a surrogate, but there have been a few to come through the group practice, and there is one working in the practice, so I know I'm in good hands.

As for me... Last week was a very tough week for me with morning sickness. I was pretty weak, very nauseated, and threw up several times. Thankfully, Saturday was the last day taking the progesterone shots and the estrogen pills 3x a day. Sunday was a really good day, I barely had any issues with any morning sickness, although heartburn is still a very prominent issue. Monday was good until night time when I had more heartburn and a little nausea, but still not even anywhere close to as bad as it was last week. I'm so thankful for it easing up now. I'm ready to enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest!

Next appointment with the OB is on Monday, August 27 at 12:30. We get one more sono then, and then the next sonogram after that will be at 20 weeks unless there are any issues. I know Katie is hoping to join us for that sonogram, too, so I'm looking forward to that!

Until next time, Have a great week!

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  1. Yea! So glad everything is going so well. Continued prayers and thoughts for several more uneventful months. : )