Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A great weekend!

Woohoo! It was a great weekend! It was a weekend filled with fun and smiles, and a few happy tears! We hit the half way milestone this week, turning 20 weeks, as well. This is just going by way too fast.

Katie, Kevin and Jack came to visit and we had a wonderful time with them. Saturday we picked them up at the airport and went for a little dinner and play time for Jack who'd been cooped up all day. My favorite part of that night was the BIG giant hug I got from Jack at the airport, well.. and Katie's too. ;)

On Sunday we all went to church together. Jack got to go to the preschool care again and boy does he like it there. We had to use Micah as a decoy to get him out! After church we went back to my house for a bit to hang out. I let Katie hear Gummy Bear's heartbeat, and Jack and Kevin got to hear too. We went to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack (don't worry, I had a burger ;) ) and had a blast. The kids got to play outside, even though it was super cold. We didn't "care" about the cold though, where we headed next there was TONS of out door fun INSIDE! We packed up and headed to Great Wolf Lodge for some great water fun. The boys all enjoyed it and the parents enjoyed the kids enjoying it. Great fun.

Afterward we all headed back and Katie and I were going to go hang out a bit, but instead I had to go and deal with a plumbing problem at home. Great timing! We said goodnight and rested up for our new adventure Monday morning.

Monday morning we went to our 20 week ultrasound. Jack was the CUTEST during it. He kept thinking there were two babies because sometimes the lady would put two different shots of the baby up at once (not on the video unfortunately). Unfortunately, we lost sound part way through the video, but the important part is at the very beginning. Here, without any more blabbing by me (except maybe in the video), is the juicy part of the ultrasound! Enjoy!

Katie had some lovely happy tears during the ultrasound, which I knew she would! I am so excited for them to have a girl! (and that means I DON'T just gestate boys, hooray!) Afterward, we had an appointment with the OB where we got to ask plenty of questions, and then a quick tour of Labor and Delivery and the Post Partum areas of the hospital. Then we went to lunch at Chili's (I wanted the ribs!) where Jack had a quick nap and the adults got to chat away for a bit.

I love their reaction so far... "Oh my gosh, we're having a girl!" and all that follows that hitting them. I'm sure they'll find some cute girly stuff on their way home today, too. Katie thinks Kevin will be the biggest shopper. I'm not so sure, but maybe she's right!

After lunch, they went back to the hotel for some rest time and I took care of things at home and then made a yummy dinner. Shane went and picked them up and brought them to the house for dinner, after which we had two games of Jenga and some pretty cupcakes frosted with PINK for girl!

I was sad to take them back to the hotel so soon, but the boys had to go to bed for school today and they had to get up very early this morning for their flight out, which they're currently on at the moment. Praying for their safety and a smooth trip home :)

The goodbye from Jack was just as good as the hello, as well. He is so cute and he makes me smile!

We'll definitely miss them. It's been a great weekend and nothing makes me happier at the moment that this all was really meant to be. I can't imagine a better, more awesome couple to help build their family.

Here are some of the pics from this weekend, as promised!!

Hanging out on Sunday morning

Some time at Great Wolf Lodge:

Ultrasound stills:

And the happy mommy and daddy after finding out about their girl....

:( I just realized we didn't get ANY pictures of JACK!!! Ack!! And Katie accidentally left her phone in her car at her parents house before they left, so they didn't get any either. But I PROMISE Jack was here (you can hear him on the ultrasound at least!) and he did seem to have fun!

Katie and Kevin, and Jack, we were so glad you came and we can't wait til you come visit again!

Have a good day, all :)


  1. love it! but i'm so sad that your videos never work for me :(

    1. :( I'm sorry they don't work. They should? They are uploaded by Facebook and I had someone log out and test to see if they still worked, and they did so it should not be an issue... :(