Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quick 19 week Update!

First off... How cool is it that we're 19 weeks along already!?! The weeks have really flown by since the morning sickness stopped!

I'm so excited that in just a week we'll get to be hanging out with Katie, Kevin and Jack!! And of COURSE that on Monday the 8th we'll get another peek at the Gummy Bear Ninja inside! It's a ninja now... it kicks quite a bit and especially if there are any pant lines restricting my belly at all. It also likes to make itself known when there is conversation around me. I can't wait to have fun with the belly buds and let it listen to it's family's voices all the time!

We can't feel the kicks on the outside just yet (must be my fat in the way ;) ) but I'm hopeful that we'll feel something outside soon, hopefully before Katie gets here next week.

Last week I got paranoid, having not seen my OB in 4 weeks and having not felt the baby move much in the previous 24 hours. I called the doctor and got in for a quick heartbeat check, which was very reassuring and sweet to hear. So glad I went. That night I purchased a home doppler for us to use at home. So far we've had a little fun with it, letting the boys hear the heartbeat and checking up on Gummy Bear. Heart rate has stayed in the 150s pretty consistently.

Also, while I was there, I weighed in. I'm finally no longer losing weight... I gained 4lbs from the last time I went to the doctor.

And with the new weight, comes a new belly pic... I feel like the baby belly is pushing my food belly up and out, so most of what is on top is my food belly. Below that is the gummy bear, reaching all the way up to my belly button now! Baby belly in this pic is at and below the hand that is resting on it.

My apologies for looking like I'm heading to a funeral, I have to wear all black at work ;) 

That's all for now, folks!  After the appointment next Monday I will definitely update, and hopefully have a bunch of pictures from their visit, too! Have a great week!

PS... if you haven't voted on the poll yet, please look to your right, and VOTE! Is it a boy or a girl?


  1. They sure are! By next Monday afternoon we should know if Gummy Bear is a prince or princess :) The poll is on the right, and ends Monday before the appointment!