Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bad Blogger, Good Times...

Ok Well I think I've proven I stink at blogging! I said I would come back and post a belly pic... yeah that didn't happen. Sorry. I will post a few this time, though, how's that?

My 29 week Belly Pics, and one just for Jack to start you off with!

(Ps, Katie shared her name with me a while ago, but I didn't share it online until SHE did it first, and I'm happy to say, she finally did it recently!)

OK Now on to some updates!
The past few weeks have been up and down with the boys but the pregnancy is going great. I had a weekend of braxton hicks contractions, up to 3 or 4 per hour. They never intensified and never got closer together, so while I was uncomfortable I wasn't in any danger of going into labor. I took it easy for the weekend. I think Miss Molly was just having a bit of a growth spurt.

This past weekend I caught a tummy bug and spent 36 hours in bed with a bucket. It was a flashback to earlier this pregnancy. I was so thankful it didn't last too long! Then this week I have been going, going, going all week. Lots of Christmas shopping and shipping had to be finished and today was party day at the boys schools. Tomorrow is party for the teachers, so tonight when I finish this blog I'll be melting the chocolate to make treats.

This morning before class parties began, I had my 30 week appointment. Can you believe it? I hardly can!! The appointment went fabulously. I didn't forget a single question I needed to ask and the doctor and I had a great conversation about possible birthdates for Miss Molly. We talked about the doula, the photographer, Katie and Kevin and possibly my husband (if he's not watching kids) all being in the room, which I am SO grateful she's okay with it all. I'm havin' a party in the delivery room apparently ;) Of course we talked about icky pregnancy stuff, too.... and I was pleased to learn I've only gained 1lb since my last appointment. It took me til a few minutes after the appointment to realize why I hadn't gained the typical 1lb per week... yeah... I threw it all up over the weekend! Anyway, that puts me at 14 lost/14 gained. Yay! With 10 weeks left, it's looking really good I could end this pregnancy with only 25lbs gained (which if you subtract the 14 I lost at first, is only 11lbs gained)! I'm kind of excited about that. I'll lose some at birth and I'll lose some pumping, and I might just make it out ahead on the weight loss wagon.

So good appointment! yay! At some point in the very near future I will meet with Maria, my doula, and register for the hospital. Also, now my appointments are only 2 weeks apart, so I will be blogging a little more often (after each appointment) for the rest of the journey. I bet you're excited ;)

Leaving you tonight with my 30 week belly pic!

And with that, since I probably won't blog again before then....

to all of you who are following our journey!! I know this is one of the best Christmases ever for Katie and Kevin and Jack who eagerly await their precious princess. We're so grateful to get to share the journey with you.

PS Visit this link to make a guess on when Miss Molly will make her entrance!

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