Friday, September 20, 2013

Can't forget!

I just realized I never updated here about Miss Molly!

The week before Labor Day weekend, Katie called to tell me they were coming to visit on Labor Day weekend! I was SUPER excited. I think my whole neighborhood heard how excited I was!!

They got here on the Thursday night before LD, and stayed til early morning. We really enjoyed spending time with them and loving on Miss Molly!

Here are a few pics!
Miss Molly getting some lovin' from mommy when they first arrived.

Jack, receiving his gifts with a smile!

Miss Molly in her new outfit from us!

Me and sweet Molly

Miss Molly chewing away on her new toy

Photobombed!! (and a pic at a really bad angle haha)

Sweet baby girl

Spending time with Shane

Jack enjoying his parents while Molly is occupied


Play time!

I love watching these two together

I'm pretty sure this was her first time ever sitting up!

Playing with Shane


Some Legoland fun!

Snuggles with Micah

And Shane


The best part of the weekend? Snuggling Miss Molly, myself!! 

I so enjoyed their visit and it makes me so happy that they came to see us!
Micah is so enthralled with our "add-on" family, too. He wrote about Miss Molly in his journal this week...

Thank you to Katie and Family for coming to see us. It means the world that you think of us and keep us updated on you all, and that you came to see us on a weekend you could have done anything else! 
We love you!

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