Friday, September 20, 2013


After a frustrating few weeks, the clinic seems to finally be getting their stuff together. They've really been a scatterbrain from the start. My records were apparently faxed to them several times, yet mysteriously they never got them. I sent them my psych evaluations and she forgot. They send me to 'screening' that wasn't really a screening, see last post, had to be reminded that they needed my husbands bloodwork, and even managed to fumble things with IM via e-mail. They need to work on their organizational skills and short term memories!

The donor did her retrieval on the 9th, I believe they got 6 eggs. Unfortunately IF was unable to come in and do his part, because he had minor surgery that same week. They froze the 6 eggs and will fertilize them before we do our transfer, from what I can tell. The nurse can't even keep it straight that they only have eggs and don't have embryos.

I quit pumping the weekend before my boys started school, and only pumped once after that weekend. I've dried up pretty well, but still haven't gotten Aunt Flo yet. So the nurse called me in a prescription for progesterone pills. I'm taking those the next few days, and am expected to get Aunt Flo within 10 days of the last pill. Hopefully it does it's trick and we can get started soon.

Really that's all we are waiting for. Contracts were done and signed a few weeks ago.

From what IM has said, if everything looks good on day 3 of my cycle, we will go ahead and get started. It's a non-injection protocol- I'm not sure whether that excites me or not. Sticky patches all over my midsection or one and done shots every day? I'm used to the shots, though, so I'll have to get used to the patches. I'm curious to see what I like better after having tried both.

Anyway, so that's my 'nothing's happening still' update. I hope to have more to update you with soon!

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