Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Say what?!

So screening was supposed to be set for Monday at 10:30, right? Not so much.

I get there and fill out all those forms, get with the nurse and do basic vitals, weight, etc. and they lead me to an exam room and say the Dr. will be in in a second. The Dr. comes in a few minutes later and says to join him in his office. Now... I'm not one to rock the boat, but I'm supposed to be having a pap and blood work done... and I'm fairly certain paps aren't done in fancy offices ;) So I'm wondering whats going on during the short walk to his office..

We get in there and he asks the usual questions about my history, about his protocol, the donor's cycle and how many embryos to transfer.... and then he sends me home.

Say what?!

Now, this part, I actually knew and questioned the nurse on when she scheduled my appointment. I asked her if I needed to be on a certain day of my cycle, or on my period to come in for screening. She said no, that since I'm not the donor, it doesn't really matter if I have a period or not. Like I said, I KNEW I was supposed to be on a certain day of my cycle... so when I asked the doctor and the coordinating nurse who was in that day, they said I needed to call back when I start my period for an appointment on Day 3.

Where is the disconnect here?!

I put the boys in childcare. I drove to their offices, taking the tollway because it was the easiest [quickest] route. And then proceeded to waste 30 minutes on someone else's dime. For nothing but a 5 minute chat with a doctor.

It didn't sit well with IM, either. Hopefully we'll hear back tomorrow on the disconnect.

In the meantime,

Happy 6 months to Miss Molly! It's gone by so quickly and I can't believe how big she's getting. I will come back and add photos later today.

It is my last 'official' day pumping, too. I will be only pumping when it hurts not to for a little while and for shorter times. It's kind of bittersweet, but I'm ready.

More soon.
Have a wonderful day!

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