Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trial Transfer

Yesterday was our trial transfer and it went great!

L and I met up at the RE's office for the appointment and got some chat time, which I always love, while were waiting.

Then the Dr. came in and did some trial transfers...Yes. Not one. Not even two, but 3 trial transfers. And he was rough. It was more than slightly uncomfortable and definitely more painful than my past transfers or trial transfers have been. I think they thought ahead on that, though, because before the transfer they had me take some ibuprofen. It worked alright til it wore off. Last night I was ready for some more. I've also been spotty since then. Ick.

The nurses said we could transfer either the 25th or the 27th, depending on the embryos. If we transfer on the 25th, they will be 3-day embryos, 5-day on the 27th. I don't know which to hope for, honestly. I've only ever transferred 5 or 6 day embryos and I'm not sure the qualifications of transferring a 3-dayer. I guess my only experience with 3-dayers is hearsay, and usually it's because they were afraid the emby wouldn't make it to day 5 if they didn't transfer it then, I think. So I'm torn. Do I hope for the 3 or 5 day transfer?

After the appointment, L and I went to lunch! Yummm! We went to Mi Cocina. I told her my funny story about having Mexican food before my screening appointment back in 2011 in El Paso. We had a laugh about it. No Mexican food before doctor appointments! While we were at lunch, she gave me a really sweet gift, I really love it!

(A collectible measuring spoon set that has really cute/sweet sayings on each spoon, and an angel in the hollow of the spoon - because I like to bake, Godiva chocolate - mmmmm, and a wine glass that says "wine is cheaper than therapy" which relates to my family and the multitude of therapies we visit each week for the boys, and my love of wine and wine glasses)

I love the bag, too. She's got me pegged! Thank you, L!!

We did take a selfie pic, but I really look like a giant next to her... I'll post it, but y'all need to know I'm NOT this huge! haha She's standing tucked under my arm or something, and hiding next to me, and I'm standing closer to the camera than she is! (pfft)

Thanks for reading! Next appointment is a monitoring appointment on the 18th! Til then, have a great week!

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