Friday, March 28, 2014

About Time

Wheeeeeee.... this pregnancy is flying by!! My apologies for not updating sooner, but I was probably sleeping. Joking, really, but seriously - I have been dealing with colds and sinus infections and headaches because of the sinus infections, so much of the time I am either dozing or want to be. Now that the sinus infections have cleared, it is spring and here come the allergies!!

Things with Baby Roo are going great thus far. We have had a few appointments since the last time I blogged. Including ultrasounds. I will come back and add the photos from those later, as I cant do it on my tablet. Heart beat is always great and the scan for birth defects and other issues went perfectly.

I started having to wear maternity clothes around 14 weeks because my baby belly (the lower half of my stomach) is very firm, but honestly I still just look fat. For those wondering, I think my weekly belly pics will begin around 24 weeks. Hopefully we will be a little more "round" and not as fluffy, then.

This time, since I was larger at the beginning of the pregnancy than with my previous pregnancies (I gained weight while pumping and didnt lose it before this journey), and because my uterus is extremely retroverted (tilted backwards) it took a bit longer to feel Baby Roo moving. I began feeling movement off and on at 15 weeks and 2 days. I can't wait for when (in a few weeks maybe?), we get to feel movement on the outside and I can share that experience with L&J.

The journey over all is going well. L&J are busy building their new home and loving on their new nephew, so some weeks are quieter than others contact wise. When we do get together for appointments or lunch, it is always good, and a highlight of my week.

Another reason the blogging has been sparce is that I always want to be sure that they share anything they want to share with their family and friends before I do and always make sure I am not sharing anything they don't want to share, just in case. They are not as public with their journey, so I want to respect that. It is different for me, since I am a very open person, but I am getting used to it.

Anyway, just wanted to update you all and share a little bit before it got so sparce around here that people worried. Nothing to worry for, all is well!

Our next appointment is April 9th. We will be 18 weeks. It is a sonogram appointment. Hopefully, I will come update soon after that!

Tata for now!


  1. Beth I just LOVE following along with your journeys. What an absolutely amazing thing you are doing for this family and they must feel so blessed. Hoping this relationship and experience is just as good if not better than your first. Much love XOXO!