Saturday, July 27, 2013


So, where were we? Oh, right. I was 'starting' to look at couples who were searching for a surrogate.

I started putting my name out there again around the time I wrote my last blog post. I let my agency know they could start looking at matching me. I looked at a few profiles through the agency, but came up empty. I had heard a couple of friends knew people who were looking, so I let them know they could give my contact info and we could talk.

Throughout the next few weeks, I spoke with two intended moms [IMs] seriously (both who were friends of friends), but after praying and seeking advice I knew that one of them, while she was amazing, was meant for another surrogate. Thankfully it was a spirit-led decision, and it wasn't as hard a conversation as I worried it would be, God had prepared both our hearts. {If you are a surrogate looking to match, she'd be a wonderful IM, contact me if you would like me to have her get in touch with you!}

The evening of the 12th, we met up for dinner with the other couple, still not sure that they'd be *the* couple, but God really showed me through the week that I don't need a back up plan for this. He was directing my path, and that even if the couple I was leaning towards wasn't *the* couple, He had one for me, and "No," was "No." on the first couple. We went to dinner hopeful.

Shane, the boys and I went all together to meet them. When we first got there, my oldest son immediately hugged the IM, and asked me if she was family. It was my cue that he was comfortable. Shane and her husband got along well. Conversation was casual. My boys were comfortable. These really were the few things I couldn't have known before the dinner, so after seeing them together as a couple and sharing a meal with them as a family, I was sure. I let her know I'd love to work with them if they felt the same, kind of the same way I let Katie know.

She seemed so excited! It was good to see that smile and know that I get to help another wonderful couple out.

Now to work out the details, and we'll be all set! Currently we are talking about contracts and getting things together for psych evaluations and medical screenings. The couple is using a donor, so we have to wait on her to start her end as well. We are hoping to have contracts finished and screening done as soon as possible so that all we have to do is wait on the donor cycle.

I am going to continue to pump for the preemies until around August 21 (for a total of six months). I expect the RE will want me to have at least two full cycles before starting, and the egg donor [ED] will have to do her stuff, so it will probably be October before we transfer, but knowing it's coming and getting to know the couple right now is exciting!

I hope to introduce you to my new intended parents [IPs] in the next post! I want to be sure I have their permission and a decent photo.  Stay tuned!

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