Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey Beta beta beta!

Well, here I am again! Better late than never.

Last Tuesday, at 9.75 dpt (days past transfer) we had our first beta. Woot, woot! It came back at 205.
Thursday at around the same time of day, so 11.75dpt, I went back and it was 433. Doubling time of about 44 hours.

Yay! So exciting!

Saturday I got my first bout of nausea. Wasn't expecting it quite so soon.
Since then I've been experiencing it off and on... along with EXTREME hunger. Like hobbit meal kind of hunger. I wake up at 2am starving. I had to grab a string cheese in the middle of the night last night. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to buy a huge bag of carrots or apples and just carry them with me to fill me up as needed.

Ultrasound to find out what's 'growing' on in there is Monday the 13th!

Until then, no news is good news!
Have a great week!

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