Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Survey Says.....

Hello again...
Monday we went to the RE for our first sono!

Survey says: One little bean!


I was hoping that waiting the weekend we might be able to see a heartbeat this time but it wasn't quite there yet. I am curious as to why the clinic does it this way; a baby count pre-heartbeat and then waiting two more weeks before heartbeat (this u/s was at 6wks 1d, I believe Molly's was 6wks 3d and we saw her hb). I just have to get used to them doing things a little differently.

Anyway, a baby is definitely on the way!! As it stands, unless it gets changed by growth, by retrieval date our due date is September 8!!

Congrats L & J, you're having a baby!

Baby is about the size of a sweet pea, and already causin' trouble.

Next appt is Jan 27!

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  1. congrats on a healthy bean! maybe their identical twinsies?!?