Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hop, Hop, Hopping right along!

As usual, my blogging skills could use a little work. This time it wasn't ALL my fault. My computer was actually down most of last week.

So I will update you as much as I can!

The last time I posted, I shared our first sonogram photo, at 6 weeks. Today we are 9 weeks and 2 days!
Since then we have gotten to see the baby twice!

I was spotting over night on Sunday Jan. 19th, so I called the clinic to inform them. Meanwhile we all had a little worry-time. They said it was no big deal, but L asked if we could do the next sono a little early, that Friday the 24th instead of Monday the 27th.

That is when Baby R got the nickname Baby Roo. Looking like a little baby kangaroo...

All is well! Heartbeat this day was 143bpm.

About a week later, we were able to meet our new OB for the first time. I was a little nervous having to go to a new OB, but I think I like her-- as long as she doesn't happen to go on vacation the week following Labor Day! ;)

In addition to getting to talk with her for a good long while and getting a feel for how she will be as our doctor, she let us have a peek at Baby Roo.

This one was a REALLY great shot of the "gummy bear" stage. Baby Roo was waving the entire time! Baby was in a great mood dancing all around, heart rate was up at 185bpm! I think I spot daddy's facial structure there, but who's to say at this point!

Our first "Official" OB appointment is on February 12. Hopefully I will not have any problems updating as soon as I can after that appointment, but a little lag time should be expected, as my son's birthday and Valentine's day are close behind. Until then, adieu!

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