Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting Organized...

Happy May!! Today is May 1st, tomorrow I start Lupron injections and will be exactly one month from transfer.

When I last started meds, I set aside a cupboard for my meds, but it has long since been taken over by other family meds, so this time I had to get a little creative. I went to Target in search of the perfect container. There were a few options in the Rubbermaid aisle, and I had picked one, but wasn't thrilled about it. I looked in the bathroom accessories aisle at shower caddies that you would take to college, getting closer to what I want...We kept walking and I decided on a hunch to stop in the cleaning aisle. I found it. Perfect! A cleaning caddy... hahaha. It has a handle, two big sides, a place for my folder and my sharps box, and two smaller areas in the front for bottles. Perfect.

Here's a pic....

Complete with post-its as reminders for when to do what, and on each pill bottle I put the date I have to start them on a post-it as well.

The things we get excited about, right? 

Coming up this week:
Getting our side of the contracts signed/notarized and sending to the lawyers
Start Lupron (Monday)
Start new pack of BCP (Tuesday)
Planning trip for transfer!

Tomorrow also happens to be my birthday, so I'll be getting loopy on my 30th birthday! 
Happy Birthday to me!

I don't know if I'll update again this week, but if not, I hope you have an awesome week. 

And of course, I'll start off this awesome week with a prayer...

Father God you are so awesome! Thank you for bringing us to this place. Thank you for allowing me to be your servant and help I&J in this way. I thank you for all the things that have been coming into place so easily and I thank you that you will continue to lead us and guide us into this journey. Father as so many things are about to start happening, keep our eyes focused on your plans and your will. I pray that you would guard over my heart, my mind, and my body as I start meds this week. Watch over us and keep us in your perfect peace as we set about doing all the things you have prepared for us to do this week. Help us all to have a great week and keep our hope ultimately in you. 
In Jesus Name, Amen!

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  1. I love the cleaning caddy. That is a great idea. May have to get me one of those :)