Saturday, May 28, 2011

Contortionist Needed

Yesterday morning I started my Progesterone in Oil via intramuscular injection (aka PIO). Since it's intramuscular, the clinic has me doing my injections for this medication in my back side. Fun, right?

For those not in the surro community already: wait til you see those needles! Oh, and not to mention the contortion needed in order to insert, slowly inject, remove the needle AND put pressure on the spot following removal.

Pictured: Friday morning's meds: Wall-itin for sinuses, tylenol for sinus headache, prenatal vitamins, and Estraidol (3x daily)), and the little tiny bottle is PIO. The needle packaging you see pictured is an 18 gauge needle (BIG) for drawing up the liquid into the syringe and a 25 gauge needle for injecting it, it's a much smaller needle thank God! (Compare to the 22 guage I had to use last cycle!) Then you can also see the alcohol swab and the ice pack. 

I set the ice pack in my waist band while I get my meds taken and my shot ready, it's very helpful. I use an alcohol swab to clean the top of the med vile, and another to swab the injection site- I also use it to swab the area afterward and put pressure on the spot area while massaging the medicine in. I haven't needed it yet, but I have a heating pad for when my bum is tired of all the shots and starts getting sore from them.

Anyway, that's my daily dosage for you! Many who read are surrogates, so I'm sorry if this was boring for you! But I love that many who read are not surrogates, so I hope this makes them (you) feel a part of the journey. I hope you are having a great weekend! 

Thank you so much God for everything you've done for us, and everything you are doing and will do. Thank you that so far taking the shots has not been an issue and that there have not been any more side effects than hunger from the lupron and/or a little bit of tears from the estrogen. Thank you God that this clinic lets me use the smaller gauge needle, too! Keep my eyes on you this week as I get ready, and fill our hearts with joy instead of anxiety as we all prepare. Bless I&J and their boys, bless IM as she prepares her heart this week. Keep her in your perfect peace. I ask, God, that you would keep me healthy this week, that I would be fresh and ready for transfer on Thursday. Keep our home safe, healthy, and protected from anything that would try to stand in the way of doing what you have called us to do. We love you, and praise you for everything you are and everything you've done. It's in your name I pray, Jesus, Amen.

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  1. I don't even know how you are doing that all on your own! Good job! :)