Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Single Digit Countdown!

Today was my mid-cycle lining check and it went really great! My lining had the triple stripe and was 10mm thick on one side and 13mm thick on the other. He stuck with the 13mm number and said it looked great!

We have just 9 days til transfer and we are all getting excited!

This morning I sent my IM something in the mail that I hope makes her smile and brings her a little "luck" for the coming week. I can't wait til she gets it!

So the next week is going to be full of "get ready" errands, grocery shopping for the hubby and kids while they're at home, and somewhere in there, a pedicure for me! Green toenails, it is! (No rhyme or reason, it's just a transfer day tradition to wear green :) )

I have really been clinging to God's word and praying for His hands to go before us in this. The more I pray about it, the more confident I am in trusting Him. I know He has a plan for the embryos I & J have frozen, and can't wait to have a part to play in that plan.

That's all for today! I'll update again on Friday when I start progesterone shots! Have an awesome day :) Ending with a prayer.... please pray along with us if you haven't yet, and thank you if you have been!

Father God, I am full of gratefulness for the work you have done in my life and in my heart recently. There is much to say about the hope and light you bring to my life when I seek hard after you. I'm also very thankful for I & J and their family. I can't wait to take this journey with them. This week as we get ready, I ask that you would prepare our hearts for whatever the outcome, help us to keep our trust in you. Again I ask Lord that the medicines would do exactly what they are made to do, that my body would be ready, and that the doctors would know exactly where to put the embryos for their best chance at life. Bless the journey we are on and bless all those who are involved in the process.  I pray right now for I & J, that you would put a peace in their hearts, and help them to see that those who have gone before them are smiling down on them and interceding on their behalf now, too. Comfort them as they miss their loved ones who've gone to be with you, and give them new strength and hope each day. Thank you for your plan for our lives and the many blessings we have in our lives through your son, in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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  1. LOVELY prayer! New follower, can't wait to follow the rest of your journey!