Wednesday, February 13, 2013

38 Wk Appointment update!

My appointments today went fabulously. First I met with L&D to go over my birth plan, and so far they can accommodate most things except that I'd rather have intermittent monitoring than continuous. If I go into labor naturally, its still an option. But if we induce the 25th as planned, I will have to have continuous. I just want to be able to get up and walk!! Vertical positions are best for me, in my opinion. Other than that the hospital is being great. They are going to bring in a recliner for Katie to be able to sit and nurse and have skin to skin time as soon as she's born AND Jack will be able to come see his little sister right away as long as he's not got a cold or the flu or something. I told Katie to start pumping him full of vitamin c haha. OH, and if it's a c/s they will allow Katie and whomever I need for my support system to be in there with me. Yay! I doubt we'll need it but it's good to be prepared. If my husband is in town/off work, he can be in there, but right now the plan is for my doula to stay with me.

My dr appointment went well, too. I showed her my cankles. She said they weren't too bad... hahaha if only my appointment were at 6pm. I gained 3lbs in the last week. :-p but have not really progressed much cervix wise. Only dilated maybe about half a centimeter more, and still high and thick. Funny thing that happened during my appointment.... I went in and they asked for a sample. As usual. I had been drinking water all morning so I was happy to oblige. Only, I went in, did my business, and TOTALLY forgot to leave a sample. So the rest of the appt. I had to drink even more water and try again! I told them I'm a ditz and forgot. Thankfully I'm not the only patient who's done it. Pregnancy brain!  Lastly, the dr wants me to walk as much as I can this weekend to try and get dilated some more. I asked her if she meant waddle.

My next appointment was scheduled for Tues the 19th because my doctor will be out of town the rest of the week, but my doctor wanted to help give me a chance of going naturally over the weekend, so she was going to strip my membranes at my last appointment. If she did it Tuesday (and it succeeded) I could possibly go into labor before anyone is here to help me or before Katie gets into town... so we decided that I will see another doctor in the practice on Thursday the 21st instead of seeing my doctor on Tuesday. I'm cool with that, I'd like to meet the other doctors in the practice just in case I do go over the weekend instead of waiting for induction.

Whew I'm tired. Today is my son's birthday so I had a pretty busy morning getting his school treats ready before my appointments. After the appointments, I went to the market and then picked my boys up from school and took them to the playground. I think I've done enough today. Too bad about that sister wife thing... Someone needs to cook dinner tonight.

Since I posted my 38wk belly pic on Monday, I might not have had a picture to leave you with today. So, instead of leaving you hanging... You get a picture of my fabulous cankles!! (sorry, the pedicure happens next week, ugly feet warning!)

haha Have a great week!

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