Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What a weekend!

It was an eventful yet uneventful weekend!

It all started on Friday. I started having a few pre-labor signs and got really anxious that Katie and Kevin would miss the birth if they didn't arrive soon. I just had this feeling, and it wouldn't go away. Friday night, I was overwhelmed, and had a huge ugly cry. Saturday morning I woke up in a rotten mood. I still couldn't shake the anxiety feeling. Around lunch time, I felt a couple contractions. After several of them, I decided to time them. They were 6 minutes apart, but not unbearable. I decided to see where they went. I did call Katie and left a message and waited for her to call me back, but decided to hold off calling in the troops until I knew what was going on. Over the next few hours, they only increased in intensity a little bit, but were still going. I contacted my doula and photographer and put them on notice. I finally talked to Katie, and they decided they would leave in a couple hours. Around the time Katie and Kevin got on the road they intensified and I let them know about it. Then, almost as quickly as they intensified, they started petering out.

Through the evening I had a few more contractions, but nothing that made me think anything more was going to happen. Sunday morning came and nothing was happening. I went to church, did a little shopping, took care of things around the house, but still nothing. Katie and Kevin arrived late Sunday night. I took it easy as much as I could, and sat on my exercise ball to see if that would get Miss Molly moving.

Yesterday morning, their little boy Jack was throwing up. I felt so bad for them and REALLY hoped he would feel better quickly. My family decided to go for a long walk and to the park near my husband's new job. We ended up walking around 3 miles or so. Afterward, I went and got a pedicure, and decided a manicure would also be a good treat. The girl who did my feet didn't know about the pressure points that can help bring on labor, otherwise I would have done that during the pedicure. After the pampering session, Jack was feeling better so we had them come over for dinner. It was good to see them again, and it felt good to enjoy the time before Molly comes. I was very glad to see that they weren't disappointed I had called them to come down so early and nothing was happening. It ended up being a blessing though, because the weather near them became impassable shortly after they left, and they had a day to rest and help Jack feel better before Molly arrives.

Last night I did what I could as far as trying to get things moving on my end, trying several of the various at home methods to bring baby out. Unfortunately all that did was make me incredibly sore, especially after our walk yesterday. All night long I didn't sleep very well because I was either woke up by pain in my calves or hips, or a random contraction.

Last week, my appointment had been changed from Tuesday to Thursday because the doctor was afraid I'd go into labor before Katie and Kevin arrived. I was going to go in Thursday and have my membranes stripped. Well since they are here, I called the dr office yesterday and they said my appointment for today had never even been cancelled, so we kept it. So this morning Katie got to go with me. So the update for today's appointment is that I am now 3cm dilated (double from last week) and about 25% effaced. I didn't even look at the weight on the scale so I have no idea what I've gained, but it's probably all water weight anyway. She saw my feet were already swelling pretty "good" for that early in the morning but didn't seem overly concerned. My blood pressure was 112/76 so it's probably just normal end of pregnancy swelling that I didn't have with the boys. She stripped my membranes (pretty thoroughly, if I do say so myself) and said she thought we might have Miss Molly within the next 48 hours. Well, we all certainly hope so! If by chance we don't, I'm still scheduled for a Monday induction.

On the way out, we stopped by Labor and Delivery and I introduced some of the ladies I was talking to last week to Katie and everyone seems excited. It makes me giddy that this is happening! At the same time, I get teary that it's already time! The joy is overwhelming, though, I will say that.

After the appointment, Katie, Kevin and I went to lunch and then I came home and took a nap (doctor's orders) for a little bit before getting the boys. Up for the rest of the day is planning out the rest of the week for the boys.

Lastly for today, my 39 week belly pic! I actually took it during the 4th hour of contractions on Saturday, so the funny look on my face is because I was thinking this was probably the last belly pic for this journey.

That's all for now! I will blog again when there is news or pictures to blog!! Have a great day!

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