Monday, February 11, 2013

38 weeks

Hello again! Sorry for not blogging after my appointment last week. I had a lot to digest, and then had a busy weekend! So here I am!

As of last week, my cervix had started making progress! On Wednesday, I was 1cm dilated but not effaced at all yet. Miss Molly was still doing well inside, and had a heart rate of 155. She has been having feet parties in my ribs lately!

At my appointment, the doctor and I had a good talk about what's been going on on our home front, because it makes things a little more complicated as far as wanting to wait on Miss Molly to arrive on her own time. My husband's new job is 100% travel, and nobody told him that when he was going through the rigorous hiring process. He began traveling today (Monday the 11th) and will be gone each week from Monday to Friday. I began looking for childcare when we knew he got a job, thinking originally I would only need someone to help me get the kids up and ready in the mornings, and then watch them from 2:45-7pm. That might have not been terribly difficult. Until we found out my husband might not even be in town, so we needed someone who could watch them over night. Who is able to come at a moment's notice, for several days. Yeah. Good luck!

So the night before my 37 week appointment last week, I spoke with my husband and doula, and decided that induction was the most practical and would be best for making sure everything was lined up to be as stress free as possible. I was hoping that they could do an induction on the weekend so Shane would at least be home to take care of the boys for that part of it... but unfortunately, when I talked to the doctor on Wednesday I learned the hospital won't schedule inductions for weekends. After discussing it with her, we decided that the 25th would probably be the best time to schedule it. So now we are planning for the 25th, and waiting on the hospital to confirm that date. The Dr. will strip my membranes and we'll start trying natural induction methods a few days before my due date, but if she doesn't come by then, hopefully Feb. 25 will be Molly's birthday :)

Shane's manager is attempting to make sure he can at least be in town for the week, and we purchased my mom and nephew each tickets to come stay with us for the week.

I feel better knowing that we have things lined up. I'm not quite as anxious about it now. The challenge now is keeping her in until then!! It's funny the things that will tick off the anxiety meter at the end of pregnancy! One symptom could have you wondering for a long time if it's time or not!

Katie, Kevin, and Jack will arrive on the 23rd. They are so excited! Katie keeps saying time is standing still. I can't wait for them to arrive! For me it's actually going pretty fast! Physically I'm pretty ready for delivery, but I'm not quite sure I'm ready for the journey to be complete! I have so enjoyed this journey, so enjoyed getting to know Katie and her family.

Anyway, since I didn't blog when I was supposed to, two Saturdays have passed. Two belly pictures for you below! With that, I bid you a good week :) I will update after my next appointment on Wednesday!!

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