Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well that wasn't so bad!

Ok so I just did my first Estrogen injection. I think it definitely could have gone worse :) I got a little confused at first about which size syringe I was supposed to use, but I figured it out. The syringe I am supposed to use comes attached to a needle I don't need to use, so I got confused. I figured it out though. 1ml syringe, 18g needle to draw the medication up out of the bottle, and 22g to inject. Throw away 27g needle. OK. Got it. 

Here's what it looked like just before I did my shot, while I was icing the area:

The one attached to the syringe in the picture is the needle used to draw up the medication. The one still packaged is the one to inject.

Once I had iced the site, I did it. I remembered to check for blood first, too. After the shot, I massaged it a little and now I'm giving it some heat. It wasn't so bad at all! 

Yay me! I'll get used to this soon, but for now, I'm glad I didn't forget anything and I did it right. Delestrogen, I'll see you at the same time on Friday night.

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