Saturday, October 2, 2010

I think he might sort of understand!

When we started the process of finding IPs, we talked to our oldest son a little about it, because at the time, someone in his kindergarten class "got" a new sibling and he was asking us to have another baby. I remember one of the first discussions about it, he asked us to put two babies in, "One for them and one for us." I explained that mama and daddy were finished having babies and that now we wanted to be able to help another mama and daddy have a baby. We've mentioned helping J&J a few times here and there, and he's met both of them. He also sees me give myself the shots every morning as he's getting ready for school.

Even little brother understands that mama pokes herself so she can help Miss J have a baby. I don't know how far into it he understands it, but they get that it's for someone else, and that God wants us to help others as much as we are able.

Tonight, I was looking up something in reference to a post I was reading on a board, and happened upon this really cool video. We watched it together and his eyes were glued to it. We talked about how mama's belly will get bigger after the doctor puts the baby inside. Then we went to's month-to-month guide and he got to see the baby in each stage from embryo to 40 weeks. He thought that was really cool (and gross!). It was an interesting conversation, but I loved every minute of it. I love that he gets to be a part of this too.

Father thank you so much for giving me my boys and for leading me to be a great example of your love to others, especially through surrogacy. Thank you for their hearts that want to help others and even though they don't understand what it is quite yet, to serve you. Help me lead them back to you in every discussion we have, and to show them that it's your love in me that compels me to do this for J&J. It's all because of you, Jesus. Amen

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