Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great day!!

What a great day it has been, today! After church, the boys, DH and I met up with J&J at the Olive Garden for lunch. We had a great time and plenty of good food. The boys were their usual selves, of course. I do have to give my youngest credit, though. Before (and after) lunch he was making "butt" jokes and noises. He was sternly warned about it, and when it came down to it, he was able to make it through lunch without a single one!

This morning at church, my oldest was with me while I was talking to a friend, and again confirmed how much of this he really does understand. He interjected into our conversation, when I mentioned we were going to lunch with friends, that this family doesn't have a baby yet, but we're going to help them get a baby. Funny, I don't even remember mentioning around him that that was who we were going to lunch with, yet. He's a smart cookie.

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