Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What an update!

So my bloodwork on Friday went okay, my Estrogen was a bit lower than they wanted (276 instead of 500). The clinic called me in the afternoon and increased my estrogen injection to .6ml instead of the .4 I took on Tuesday. I kind of got panicky, and asked around what I could do on my own to increase the estrogen levels in my body naturally.

I was told to decrease my caffeine and drink plenty of water. Isn't that what they tell everyone? I didn't know if it would work, but I did it. I suffered all weekend without the caffeine, oh my head just HURT.

But it paid off!

This morning I went for blood work and a baseline ultrasound. During my "date with the wand" I learned that they wanted my lining at 9mm at the very least. Seconds later, I was told I have a thick lining of 13mm!! Excellent news! I still don't know what the levels of estrogen were, but since I didn't receive a call telling me to increase the estrogen, I'm stuck at .6ml til transfer next week.

On to the better news!
Since everything looked great today, they decided to move up our transfer day by one day. Transfer is now set for Wednesday the 20th at 1pm! As soon as I got out of the appointment, I called J and she was so excited!! The plan is that she's going to pick me up for lunch on Wednesday and then we'll go together to the clinic at 1 and she'll bring me home.

We're both excited! I love hearing the excitement in her voice and we are praying every time we think about it that this all goes as smoothly as possible and that those little embies will stick, stick, stick!!!

Please join us in praying for that, as well as for IM. She heads out of the country again for the weekend and will return on Tuesday, in time for transfer. We're obviously praying for safety, but I think I'm going to add in there some peace, as I know she has to be nervous as well.

Father I know that you have a plan and a purpose in the new friendship we have with J&J. We know that the embryos they created have a purpose in this world as well. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help J&J bring them into the world. We pray for your peace as we wait out this next few weeks, and we pray for your hands to guide the doctor, give him a steady hand to put them in exactly the right place so that they have the best chance for success. Please keep J safe this weekend as she travels, and bring her home in perfect peace on Tuesday. Make my time with her on Wednesday fruitful, that she would see Jesus in me, and see you at work in her life.

 I thank you that I'm able to put my hope and full trust in you for all of these things. It's in Jesus Name that we ask these things, Amen!

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