Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home again

I'm back home again!

This weekend was awesome, and I really did have a great time getting to know I, J, and their family! I got a lot of time to rest and settle these babies in, and Friday night IM and I had planned to watch a movie and eat popcorn and hang out... we never even started the movie! We stayed up and talked til around 1am! We got up yesterday morning and boy was I glad to be able to get up and move around (and shower!). We went to their son's baseball game and then to lunch with their family and then for a decent but HOT walk at an outlet mall and then back to their house to hang out for the afternoon.

They took great care of me and I was sad the weekend was over yesterday! So sad, in fact, that we decided I wanted to stay a few hours longer. I was supposed to come home on a flight at 4:25, but we called and changed it to the 8:20 flight. We hung out the rest of the afternoon taking it easy and just talking some more. As I was getting ready to get my stuff in the car, the airline called and said the flight had been delayed an hour and a half. (remember last flight home had been delayed and then canceled?!) So we stuck around their house for another hour instead of taking me to the airport just yet and joked about how they (the city) was holding me hostage. I guess they like me so much they don't want me to leave! Anyway, I finally did have to go to the airport and was able to fly out last night. I got home around 12:30 and pretty much just went to sleep.

Happy to be home with my family, but I miss my IPs and their family too! They made me feel very at home.

We are still very confident that this cycle worked and are still praying the babies dig in and make their home sweet home nice and comfortable.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers to everyone who is reading and praying along with us. It really does mean a lot!

Father thank you for such an awesome weekend and for matching me with an amazing couple. I know you're doing amazing things already and I thank you for those things. Bless the embryos inside, help them to grow and make their home there. And keep us in perfect peace as we wait out the next week or so to see if they stuck around. I trust in your Holy Word that you have blessed me and called me for such a time as this and I ask that you would help me control any thoughts to the contrary. Thank you for the confidence we have in you. Help me to continue to be a light for you to others who are in this journey with me as well as those who are watching it from afar. Thank you again for the calling you have placed in me to do this. It's only for you, Amen!


  1. Sending sticky thoughts your way!

  2. :( To momof4 who left a comment, I accidentally hit delete instead of publish. Thank you both for the sticky thoughts. I will update this evening!