Friday, June 17, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like....

That's the lyric going through my head today, but it's not beginning to look like Christmas anywhere around here, especially not in the 100* days of Texas! But things are starting to look a lot like pregnancy! That's because it is, right?

My beta on Wednesday was 401, which means we doubled the numbers almost exactly! Leave it to my body to be textbook this one time. So officially, tomorrow morning I will be 5 weeks pregnant. Due date, according to the IVF calculator, puts us at around February 17, but we will have a different due date from every doctor and sonographer we see from here on out since they all "measure" it differently. So let's just say ohhh... Mid February.

When I blogged last, on Tuesday, I mentioned a few symptoms I'd had already. We can now add this to that list: Nausea. Today while I was out and about with my kids I had a huge wave of nausea come over me and we had to come home for a bit because I was not ready for it. I also could NOT for the life of me figure out what I wanted to eat for lunch, so when I chose something my kids like and ate it, my body pretty much said no way, and I couldn't even finish a kid's meal.

Later, I texted IM and let her know I was feeling very pregnant today. I was pleased to get back the response of "Do tell!" I responded back with what I felt, and hopefully conveyed at least some humor about it, because I don't at all want anyone to feel like I'm complaining. I know some people are thinking, "You signed up for it!" Yes, I did sign up for it, and I'm even happy about feeling it, because it means I'm helping God give my IPs the best gift they could ask for. So I am trying to convey that the best way I can while at the same time reminding myself that I'm allowed a little bit of "yuck," too, because that just comes with pregnancy.

So... YAY for feeling pregnant!

Up next: We're now ready to schedule the ultrasound (sonogram, whichever you want to call it) for July 7th so we can get a good look at the baby(ies) that are baking for the next 35 weeks or so! I'm thinking that this two weeks better hurry up, I can't wait to see!

This was a really great week and I'm so happy for my IPs! I'm also really impressed by the RE that we worked with. This is THREE out of THREE for my IPs. That's a REALLY great record! Hoping the next two weeks flies by and Summer is kind to me! Have a great weekend!

God you are awesome and I'm so blessed that I get to be involved in this amazing process of bringing the child(ren?) you created for I & J in to the world. Thank you for the little signs of pregnancy that have come already that make us excited to be "here." And thank you in advance for all the wonders that this pregnancy will bring us! I ask that you would show us a new joy in this journey every day, and that you would help me to be a light to others for you, in all I do. Show me the best way I can help I & J experience this pregnancy, to be sensitive in the words I use both here on the blog and in conversations, and to be a blessing to them in so many more ways than this. Bless the baby(ies) I'm carrying with good health, keep it/them growing strong, and keep it/them safe and tucked away until your time is perfect for it/them to join their family! It's all in your name I pray, Amen.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your ultrasound!

  2. Awesome! Not for the nausea that comes with it, but awesome nonetheless :)

  3. Hurry up July 7!! ;) Can't wait to see the update.