Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I forgot to blog between last week's positive pregnancy test, and beta, didn't I? I'm sorry! School's out for summer break and boy is my family trying to keep me busy! Between play dates, church, birthday parties, and family time, at the end of the day: I sleep well.

I will tell you this... the pregnancy test taken last Tuesday morning was the first of thirteen... yes, THIRTEEN. I became quite addicted to seeing that positive test line! At first, I took tests every few hours to see if the test got darker. When it did get a little darker, I decided one a day was fine. I took an Equate test on Friday morning and that was going to be my last one. Then Friday evening, I was backing out of my driveway and hit another car. It completely freaked me out, so to reassure myself that everything was okay, I took another test that night and the next morning. It felt reassuring. Then Saturday, while leaving a pool party/birthday party, my younger son, who doesn't know how to swim, fell into the water (completely dressed, no floaties on) and I had to jump in after him. Yes, I freaked out again. And yes, I took another test. My husband must think I'm nuts, and maybe so do you. I just know that some how, seeing that line helped me not freak out quite as badly. Also, it made me get more excited every time I saw it!

Beta was Monday morning, and I had lots of other surros and friend's cheering me on. We all knew I was pregnant, just didn't know how pregnant ;) A beta number over 5 is considered "pregnant." At 11 days past a 5 day transfer (11dp5dt) I was looking to see if my beta was at the very least a 50. After a nail-biting 7 hours, they FINALLY called with the results. 199! Definitely pregnant, and a good strong number.

Tomorrow is my repeat beta, and we're praying for the numbers to have at least doubled.

As far as symptoms go, really the only thing I can say that is pregnancy related is being extremely tired and not craving caffeine at all; though I have wanted more fruits than usual but that may be attributed to the fact that it's Summer! The other symptoms I can pinpoint to the medicines- bloated, gassy (TMI, right?) and very sore spots where I do my progesterone injections.

So aside from side effects, car wrecks, near drownings, and anything else, I AM really excited to be pregnant and so glad to be on this journey with I & J. I can't wait to see what the next 36 weeks brings!

Lord, thank you SO much for bringing us here, for giving the doctors the skill to help I & J for this third time in a row! I am so glad to be a part of the plan you have for I & J's family and for their little one(s) who is/are growing inside me as I type. Keep watch over it/them and me and keep us healthy and safe. I know you already know the results of tomorrows beta, and I put my hope in you- not in the numbers... even though I know you know how much we want to see a much higher number tomorrow. Take away any anxiety we have currently, and turn it into joy and excitement for the things that are to come. You are doing a great thing, and we are so thankful for it. And last but not least, help me Father to keep this something that in my heart truly is for you and for your glory, and not my own. It's all in your name, Amen.

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  1. YAY Beth!!!! Congratulations! So happy for you! :) May you have nothing but a great pregnancy for the next 36 weeks, and thank God for those HPT that kept you calm, I think it was a great way to stay calm, whatever works, and your not nuts, lol.