Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So I have been having an awesome week so far! Sunday we kind of just chilled out, I still didn't want to overdo it. Sunday night I was feeling a little down because everything I was feeling could be explained by either the meds side effects or the coming of AF. I also had a tiny bit of cramping, not bad or painful, but it only lasted about 30 minutes or so. I chalked it up to gas and went to bed early. Monday was a great day, I went to my oldest's last day of school and helped the teachers have a great luncheon to end their year (and took home a ton of yummy leftovers).

I have a bunch of friends, who shall remain nameless, who are POAS pushers. They kept tempting me to take a test. I was determined to hold out til Tuesday. DETERMINED. And I think I ticked them off. Anyway, Monday night I was hanging out with DH here at the house and realized the last time I'd had any substantial caffeine was Friday. I did have a few sips here and there on Saturday and Sunday, but not enough to really matter. And I didn't have a headache. DH and I both knew then, I think.

All night long, I dreamed about taking a home pregnancy test. Seriously, all. night. long. They were all positives.

After taking DH to the train, I came home and ran to the bathroom to take a test. Even though DH was saying to wait til Wednesday so I wasn't disappointed. But after my dreams all night, how could I NOT?!

Yep, we did it!! The first tests I took (yes, I took two so I could know that one was not wrong) were faint, but definite positives. Here is a pic of the first one, on the top is the original image and on the bottom is a contrast enhanced image of the same test.

I immediately texted IM and let her know. She called me back a little bit later (I think both of us needed to compose ourselves, I was in tears) and was so happy!! I cried some more on the phone with her, too. I'm so excited to go on this journey, and it couldn't be with a better couple! I let her tell IF before I announced it on my Facebook, but immediately the congrats came pouring in. I'm so overwhelmed with joy that we did it, and gratefulness for all of the amazing support I know I have in my current friends, past friends, family, and fellow surrogates.

I am so excited and can't wait to see what the journey holds. 

Beta (blood test) is on Monday! Maybe I'll take guesses for beta #s later this week. You KNOW I'll be testing more to see the line get darker, and will probably take a digital test on Friday, but I'll post them when I can. 

Thank you for following what is sure to be an amazing journey and for praying for us! 

Father God you are amazing and I love you so much. Thank you for setting me on this path and finding just the right couple for me to help. I continue to ask your blessing on IM & IF as well as the two embryos we put in last week. Father may they have every thing they need to grow strong and healthy in there. Keep them and I as healthy as can be, and hold us in your hands each day. We lift YOU up and give YOU the praise for this because it would not have come about without your mighty hand preparing the way. You are wonderful God, and your grace is amazing. I love you and praise you for all you are doing and are going to do, thank you. In Jesus Name, always, Amen


  1. WOOHOO!!! Congrats to you and the IP's!!! To God be the glory, he never lets us down :) Good luck and good job!

  2. What an exciting journey that God has blessed you with! I'm so excited for you and the IP's

  3. YAY!!!!! Congrats to you and your IP's! A BFP at 5 days past!!! Wowsers! You are REALLY pregnant! lol